Powder Makeup

Get Ready, Get Set

Powder makeup follows the completion of most moist makeup applications such as foundation, concealer, cream blush/ bronzer etc. and then acts to 'SET' those makeup applications, giving them staying power.

Powder also provides a 'base' to dry applications such as powder blush/ bronzer, eye shadow and liner etc. This is so the makeup has something to adhere to, assists in a smooth application and, avoids the dreaded disappearing act (makeup absorption into your skin).

Powder acts to diminish the appearance of shiny or oily skin, not to be confused with the *look of shine, a makeup style that has been very popular. (*strategic placement for effect).

Powder Makeup Product Types Breakdown



-in a compact case, fine powder granules pressed together, offered in shades

Ideal for?
-flexible coverage-light coverage primarily to control shine and oil, heavier coverage with wet/ damp application

1st choice: large powder brush for light coverage
or wedge shaped sponge for damp/wet application 2nd choice: applicator that comes with product

apple tip graphicApplication Tip:
- for light weight, shine free finish-dab brush on compact, then lightly dab on tissue to remove excess, and sweep across face.
- for more coverage a damp application, using wedge shaped sponges that can work smaller zones, and larger zones, effectively.

Good Product Choice?
Prestige Brand-try Lancome Dual Finish Makeup
Drugstore brand L'Oreal True Match Super Blendable Powder.



-in a compact, very fine granules pressed together

Ideal for?
-sheer, colorless light finish to combat shine

1st choice: large powder brush
2nd choice: applicator that comes with product

concealer makeup tipApplication Tip:
- dab brush on compact, then lightly dab on tissue to remove excess, and sweep across face

Good Product Choice?
Prestige Brand try Too Faced Absolutely Invisible Translucent Pressed Powder
Drugstore brand suggestion Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Pressed Powder Translucent.


LOOSE POWDER - comes in shades

-in a tub, loose granules

Ideal for?
-light coverage, controls oil and shine

- large powder brush

apple tip graphicApplication Tip:
-gently dip brush top into tub powder, then dab on tissue to remove excess, and sweep across face

Good Product Choice?
Prestige Brand try Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder
Beauty Without Cruelty Light Loose Powder



-in a tub, loose granules

Ideal for?
-gives the best finish, sheer, colorless, light weight

- large powder brush

powder makeup tipApplication Tip?

- gently dip brush top into tub powder, then dab on tissue to remove excess, and sweep across face.

Good Product Choice?
Prestige Brand Shiseido Makeup Translucent Loose Powder
L'oreal Translucent Loose Powder.



- in a compact solid, creamy texture

Ideal for?
-easy to apply,gives controllable, build able coverage with matte-powder finish

- sponge applicator

apple tip graphicApplication Tip:
-dab sponge using a little at a time and smooth even strokes

Good Product Choice?
Prestige Brand Urban Decay Surreal Skin Cream Powder Foundation, Trance
OR budget friendly,
Avon Cream To Powder Foundation SPF 15.



- loose powder in a tub

Ideal for?
-natural, sheer finish with full coverage benefits

- specialized powder brush called a Kabuki Brush

apple tip graphicApplication Tip:
-buffing action different than with regular sweep of powder brush, it requires more pressure and shorter strokes to work makeup onto skin

Good Product Choice?
award winning pressed mineral format Pur Minerals 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup Foundation
OR popular loose mineral format,
Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals SPF 25.

Some Simple Steps For Powder Makeup Application


Choosing the right powder makeup for you...

Consider these things when choosing the best makeup powder for your own needs:

1.  Do you want coverage?

If the answer is yes, follow color selection as you would for foundation...test on your bare skin at your jaw and view in natural light. If it suits your skins needs, you may also be considering making this your foundation and powder all in one (see foundation to powder or cream to powder in chart above).

If the answer is no, than translucent is the way to go. Although intended to be very sheer and show your skin, they often do have slight pigment, so look for translucent powder with as minimal pigment as possible.

2.  Type of powder makeup? Your skin type and coverage needs will give you a more clarity in what a solid choice would be.  For example, normal to oily skin that wants medium coverage might consider a cream to powder formulation that is very blendable, provides good coverage and has a matte powder finish (which will combat the oily shine prone nature of that skin type). 

In general, if you are not looking for a lot of coverage, loose powder applied with a big fluffy dome brush is the ideal scenario.  Translucent is the most sheer natural finish which will not alter the shade of your foundation.  It will simply give it staying power, create a great canvas for further makeup application and cut the shine.  Pressed powder makeup would be the easy 'on the go' option for later day touch ups.


How to apply powder makeup.

 i) Use appropriate tool. In most cases a large powder brush delivers the best combination of application control, level of sheer and matte finish. The exception would be cream to powder format.

ii) Whether using loose or pressed, dip softly for even distribution on bristles and then either tap the brush handle on the side of your hand to loosen off excess or dab brush on tissue.

iii) Then gently sweep across closed eyes, over nose, across cheeks, across forehead and chin.

iv) You can also use the brush to remove excess powder (just keep dabbing off the residual powder on a tissue).

Last word on powder makeup:

There are a number of options in powder makeup, but I do think that the best and most versatile form is Loose Translucent powder. There are many good loose powders on the market, but two of the best are by T. Le Clerc for texture and Shu Uemura for translucence.

apple tip graphicUse sparingly. Enough to effectively achieve your objective without looking dry and "cakey". Too much will not only exaggerate the look of makeup, it will also exaggerate facial lines and wrinkles.

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