Professional Makeup Brushes

Think BMW Vs. VW

Hello?.... Who wouldn't want the superior luxury quality of professional makeup brushes?
The real question for most of us is this, do we really need the best grade, professional level, makeup brushes to apply our makeup (as non professionals producing limited  'wear and tear' on our brushes)?

To answer 'yes' is kind of like saying you need a BMW SUV to run your errands in town   when a Volkswagen Beetle is more than capable to perform our tasks (both are good quality  with precision German engineering to boot).  In other words, the BMW is nice but not quite necessary.

(* Of coarse, if you are a car buff without budget constraints, the thrill factor alone warrants re-thinking this question...and, for some of you makeup mavens, the VIP thrill factor would be worth the expense.)

Back to most of us,... quality, performance and value is the mix of considerations that come into play when choosing anything, including makeup brushes.

Professional Grade Versus Wider Market Place

So what is the quality difference between 'professional' grade brushes and those described as 'good quality' manufactured for the wider market place?

Professional grade brushes are made with the highest quality materials;

  • bristles made from the quality animal hair; sable, pony, goat etc for very soft silky texture or high grade synthetic materials (more ideal for some wet applications) that feel very soft
  • handles of durable hard wood, or durable material
  • glued, metal wrapped, and placed to ensure minimal hair loss
  • most artists resource their tools from a mix of premium brand cosmetic companies; Shu Uemura, Trish McEvoy, Bobbi Brown etc..

With those higher quality materials, comes a higher price point.

When makeup art is your profession, and your work is photographed at very close range and presented at high resolution via media like fashion magazines etc., it is imperative your detail and blending is impeccable. With this in mind, paying higher price points for the highest grades of materials makes sense, since they will deliver the highest quality performance.

apple graphicTake care of your brushes!
Professional brushes or not, regular gentle cleaning will keep your brushes performing, help them last, and you skin clear.

Last word on professional makeup brushes...

Compare for yourself and meet your own unique needs.

If you are on a limited budget, brands like Sephora offer "professional" makeup brushes at good price points and quality. I might take the term "professional" to mean, made with professional attributes in mind, but they do perform well, serving the majority of makeup needs that we have, and they come in a wide variety of designs for a large multitude of tasks.

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