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There is literally "a sea" of skin care information out there; websites, books, magazine articles and advertisements about skin care systems, products, remedies, and advancements.

Who doesn't want "fresh", "healthy", "RADIANT","hydrated", "youthful" skin...?

All it takes is a photo with a youthful beauty, adjectives like those used above, and we do exactly what the cosmetics industry hopes we will do...we make that deductive leap connecting their product to those qualities.

I hate to break it to you BUT magazine ads may not be the most reliable source of information on skin care.

If you want to make sure you are doing everything you can, to bring your skin up to its full beauty/health potential, you might consider supplementing those ads with solid UNBIASED skin care information (you know...the kind based on solid scientific principals).

When you come to understand even just the basics about skin care, not only will your own needs become more clear cut, product choices will too.

Time well spent...

As it is with most things, less is more when it comes to skin care.
Here is some good skin care information in a nutshell, that will get you started:

Generally when you get down to it, it is as simple as this, most of us need to have a good daily routine; cleanse and moisturize our skin. Most of us will benefit from regular skin exfoliation. Some of us deal with skin problems like acne, and need to get to the bottom of the cause. All of us, regardless of skin color, or geographical location, need sunscreen.

Understanding your skin type, will determine the details of the methods and products we use. Take the time to review reliable skin care information, get back to the basics of healthy skin care and get the results you want.

Other important factors that will contribute to good skin health and vitality (not to mention to you over all health and well being), are regular exercise, nutritionally sound eating habits, vitamin supplements and good water intake.

Skin Care Information: Dealing With Acne

Acne is technically a result of increased oil production, plugged sebaceous glands from improper skin shedding, and/ or trapped bacteria.

As mentioned, skin care product overload, inappropriate product choices for your skin type, and inappropriate methods of skin care, can reek havoc on potentially healthy skin and good complexions, causing inflamed skin and acne outbreaks.

In addition, factors like hormonal shifts, and genetics can add to the difficulty in resolving your skin problems.  It is really important to determine the particular form of acne you are dealing with so you make a choice that fits with your dilemma's severity and nature.

Luckily there are numerous and wide ranging effective acne fighting skin care solutions on the market.  Again, know your unique issue the best you can so you match a product that can bring success.

The first you have likely heard of, as it is well known and celebrity endorsed Proactiv® Solution Skin Care ( Katy Perry, Justin Bieber etc).  This acne fighting program was developed by two Stanford trained dermatologists harnessing the ingredient benzoyl peroxide in their treatment approach.

The next few all get good reports but as each case of acne is unique, it is important to determine the fit with your skin's genetics and particular form of acne.

For milder acne issues; Topix Benzaderm 10% Gel, and for adult acne MD Formulations Adult Anti Blemish Kit.

If you are looking for natural organic options,  Juice Beauty is with a very effective and popular product line. One of their acne fighting products is called Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Serum and has received high acclaim, including a green star award from Elle Magazine for Best Blemish Product.

If you are looking for a selection of premium quality, natural and organic beauty products at all, consider Beautorium, Natural & Organic Beauty Emporium.

Skin Care Information Guide-Getting You On The Road To Your Best

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Skin Exfoliation for Radiant Skin -Skin exfoliation is a key skin care element almost everyone can benefit from; mild manual exfoliation like masks and chemical exfoliation such as aha, retin a, renova will bring fresh vibrant skin.

The Facts on Skin Moisturizer and Your Best Anti Aging Protection - Skin moisturizer and protection will maximize both the beauty and health of your skin.

The Best Skin Care In Seven Simple Steps- Get the best skin care you can by following these simple steps and be amazed at the results.

What Is Your Skin Type ? -Getting a handle on your skin type is an absolute must if you want to see it at its best.

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