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Still Feeling Like A Bear?
Time To Shake Off The Winter Blues ...


Don't wait to roll out your spring beauty...When it is technically spring, and the weather  has been 'hit and miss' ( with bigger emphasis on the 'miss'), don't let it slow you down.  This season is all about rejuvenation, increase in energy, and lifting your spirits.  Here are ten ways to get yourself into the spring mode, anyway.

Ten Beauty 'Do's' That Will Put A Spring In Your Step And A Smile On Your Face

Spring Beauty Do #1 GET OUTSIDE

photo spring cherry blossoms Photo: ┬ębeauty-and-makeup-tips.com
The spring beauty of cherry blossoms
and other lures to get you outside ...

There is so much re-birth going on most places on the planet...birds singing happily, the sun shining, blossoms on trees, flowers blooming... Take a deep breath...
(Unless you have spring related allergies, and then make sure you take your daily symptom relieving medication first, before you set foot outside; new generation of non drowsy relievers Allegra, Aerius, Claritin),

...AND take all this wonder in and see if you don't start to feel good (plus it will give you the boost you need for the rest of this spring beauty list!).

Spring Beauty Do #2 'CARPE DIEM'...

It's time...if you have been waiting for the moment to start a more active lifestyle...one that gets your heart fit, your muscles stronger, and helps you drop the pounds you have been desperately hoping to lose.  Today is the day. Make yourself do it..seize this day.

Know this, once you drag yourself out the door the first few times, it does get easier. WHY? You are forming a habit. And that habit will bring you tremendous rewards that will help you reinforce that habit into your life, hopefully forever. After the first two weeks of successfully getting out the door (3-4 times a week for 30 minutes of heart elevated action), reward yourself with a great pair of running shoes (the great exercise outfit doesn't come till your first month of keeping it up, happens).


While your at it, lets get on top of your nutrition...clean up your act if you have been procrastinating on meeting your age group's nutritional requirements. It is so important, especially if you know you are not hitting your required food groups daily. Adequate calcium, vitamin D, iron, fatty acids, antioxidants....all vital to your health.

If you are thinking you are too young to worry about these things, think again. Osteoporosis becomes a reality for far too many women (one in four women over fifty in Canada, one in two in the United States!) and the changes you make right now could spare you the loss in bone mass and the development of brittle fragile fracture prone bones...particularly critical, hip fractures. Think about how many grandparents have broken hips and in some cases died in relation to that break.

A spring beauty measure that you maintain all year long (spring is just a good time to start if you haven't addressed this issue for yourself).  Dealing with this matter is easy with this simple measure. All you have to do is take the aisle with the vitamins in it, the next time you are at a drugstore and pick up a bottle of One A Day Multi Vitamins, and you will not only hit your calcium needs( adults 19 to 50 need to ensure 1000 mg daily), you will also benefit from a proper dosage of all the other vitamins and minerals your body needs, including vitamin D (from the sun and fatty fish, which both can be tricky to get enough of).

For your convenience, this is a fool proof choice hitting 100% of your many of your body's needed nutritional daily values...Vitamin C, D (250% of daily value and critical to calcium absorption), B1, B2, B6, B12, Folic Acid, Iron, Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Chromium...50% of your required Calcium (* essential to healthy bone development and important to muscle contraction, including the heart...found in dairy products) and Pantothenic Acid (*helps synthesize and metabolize proteins, carbohydrates and fats and found in high amounts in whole-grain cereals, legumes, eggs, meat, avocado, yogurt-*thank you wikipedia)

    One A Day Multi Vitamin:
  • Bone Strength with Calcium, Magnesium, and more† Vitamin D3
  • Breast Health with more† Vitamin D3
  • Heart Health with Vitamins B6, B12, C, E and Folic Acid
  • A Healthy Reproductive System with Folic Acid, Magnesium, Zinc and Calcium. Provides nutritional support during PMS and menopause
  • Healthy Skin with Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Copper and Iron
  • Immunity with Vitamins C, A, E, and Selenium
  • Physical Energy with advanced levels of B Vitamins and Chromium
Spring Beauty Do #4 De-Fur

(Not to be confused with defer, as in, to hold off on)...Its time to come out of winter hibernation mode when keeping warm was paramount...(unless you live in the southern hemisphere where you would likely be on top of this subject all year round). Whether you have a beauty professional do it or you take care of your own hair removal, set a date.

If you are interested in a do it yourself at home, convenient, mess free, quick, effective (almost fool proof) method of hair removal, consider Parissa. Read the instructions once and you will find you know how to effectively deal with the zones (Parissa Face & Bikini and Parissa Legs & Body) technique-wise. I use the wax strips which come with Azulene oil which will soothe skin and prevent ingrown hairs.  Parissa has many effective methods to choose from.

Spring Beauty Do #5 Buy A Great Sunscreen

Spring beauty measures absolutely include daily wear of a great sunscreen.  What makes a sunscreen great? An effective ingredients, broad spectrum, formulation that suits your skins needs. Try one with an ingredient list that includes, one of or some of these, Avobenzone (Parsol 1789), Mexoryl Sx, Tinosorb, all chemicals that will absorb and/or physical blocks like Titanium Dioxide or Zinc Oxide.

A great product choice and award winning moisturizing sunscreen for normal skin is Anthelios Sx by La Roche Posay...

Spring Beauty Do #6 Highlight Hair

It doesn't matter what color your hair is, take it a shade or two lighter, in fine strands around the face...You will be amazed what a lift your complexion will get with the boost of radiance it will get (it can take off years for some).  I would see a professional for this to get it right, and if you haven't ever had it done, make sure you use these words "SUBTLE natural looking highlights around the face for a hint of sun kissed".

Spring Beauty Do #7 Simulate Sun Kissed

There are varying degrees of sun kissed in spring beauty and it depends on your personal style but even if you have porcelain skin, and 'flushed' cheeks is all that really works, give it a try...you will begin to feel as fresh as this lovely season.

Some great products that deliver natural looking sun kissed, famous prestige brand Guerlain with their award winning moisturizing powder bronzer Terracotta", NARS has a great bronzer blush duo, Tarte makes gorgeous cheek tints (talk about fresh looking skin), Lancome Flash Bronzer gives you an immediate effect and Clarins has award winning formulations of sunless tanners to try that will give you long lasting effects. Of coarse, there are many options out there, and you may have your favorites already. For those of you looking, with these brands mentioned, you won't go wrong.

Spring Beauty Do #8 Get Hip

Every fashion season brings in new styles and colors, so update your wardrobe and your makeup this spring with a few key elements. They don't have to be expensive main pieces, they can be accessories; hat, sunglasses, scarf, belt, shoes, T-shirts .... And the goal here isn't to impress others with your cutting edge style, its for you to feel fresh with up to date, new style. 

Looking for great designer styles, for a lot less, try FractionPrice.com.

With this spring beauty overhaul, this may include reviewing your makeup and chucking what is old, and updating your inventory with more current formats and color palettes.  Makeup for every season usually involves an adjustment in palettes and style (just as we do our clothes).  Spring's signature palette of shades for eyes and lips, will usually have something that gets your attention, so check out what's going on, and freshen up your spring makeup look ( listed on the site navigation bar to the right of this page).

Spring Beauty Do #9 Get A Pedicure

You can't skip your feet in a spring beauty overhaul.  Your feet are bound to make an appearance this season...if they haven't already (definitely by summer).  Rough skin needs to be tamed, toes need to be viewer friendly. If you choose to make an appointment with a professional, please ensure the spa or salon is reputable (...there are some places that can put you at health risk because they are not careful enough with tool cleaning and care).

Spring Beauty Do #10 Get Your Smile On

Your feeling it, spring fever has you and your looking great...that smile has returned. Make sure you max out that bright and shiny spring beauty feeling with pearly whites and breath that is clean and fresh.

If you are an allergy sufferer, it is easy to experience bad breath because you are constantly dealing with the presence of inflammation. Therabreath is a well attested to, bad breath fighter with many success testimonials.  Therabreath also offers the most effective teeth whitening system available in home.

contour of apple graphic imageLast word on spring beauty overhaul...
A spring beauty cleaning from your head to your toes, should leave you feeling energized...fresh... like turning over a new leaf! Bookmark this page, and dust it off every spring, to keep you on track to feeling your best.

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