Spring Makeup Trends 2011

A Little Lanvin, A Little Chloé, A Little Michael Kors...

Spring Makeup Trends 2011

March brought us 'Fashion Weeks' from London, Paris, Milan and New York and along with them, beauty and makeup trends for Spring 2011...fuscia eye shadow at Nina Ricci, dark black green smoky eyes at Chanel, metallic gold eyes and glossy dark purple lips at Louis Vitton, etc

Dramatic use of color is an understatement description of this springs looks at many of the shows.  Here,  is a quick run down of the strongest design elements this spring.

  • faces generally, soft, fresh, dewy, natural with pink, peach and/ or bronzer used like blush; Chloé, Chanel, DKNY, Michael Kors (stepped it up with sun kissed glow)
  • eyes bright shades in shadows confined to upper lid bright copper, fuscia; Dior, Nina Ricci, Carolina Herrara, Derek Lam, OR gorgeous creamy browns and taupes for softer definition; Chloé, Lanvin, Versace
  • lips- soft nude or natural looking lip shades was the most dominant lip look, super glossy Lanvin, Chloé, Chanel OR super bold mouth in coral and reds; Dior bright red mouth paired with bright shadow, Gucci bright red-orange mouth with neutral eyes, Marc Jacobs
  • skip- avoid the spring makeup extremes; Yves Saint Laurent- bleached brows, bare shiny eyes, dark red lips.  Vera Wang- matte, colorless non dimensional face.  Louis Vitton overly gold, heavy dramtic eyes paired with dark purple glossy lips. Chanel- extremely dark smoky eyes in black and deep green shades.

apple tips graphicGetting the essence of this season's spring makeup looks is more than using the right elements, it's also the right combinations of specific elements that create a style.

Here is a great look, a fusion of a few favorites that I think will work for most of us, and reflects the spring makeup trends 2011.

(If you want to give YSL's look a try on the other hand, be my guest).

Combined style elements in this look are the brown, cream, 'sepia'  or taupe defined eyes (seen at Chloé, Lanvin, Versace), with the fresh sculpted face scene at ( Chloé, Lanvin, Micheal Kors) and the glossy nude/ natural toned lips( Chloé, Lanvin, Versace + many more).

spring makeup palette Spring Palette 2011

spring makeup 2011 color paletteSpring Makeup 2011 Fusion
Blend Of Chloé, Lanvin and Michael Kors

Spring Makeup Trends 2011 EYES

At Chloé, eye definition was created with shades of "chocolate brown and sepia-toned creams on the lids and along the lower lashes", blended well for soft finish and then black mascara, according to makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury. 

Lanvin went with taupes, and bumped up the upper eyelashes with two sets of false lashes, and taupe shadow under the lower lash line with mascara...according to Pat McGrath (famed  catwalk pro makeup artist).  Two sets of false lashes a realistic daily spring makeup measure?...Not really,... so take away the idea of dramatic presence of pretty upper lashes which can be realized by using a  lash curler, primer, black lengthening mascara, and black pencil.

  • NARS  eye pencil, black
  • Dior 5-Colour Eyeshadow - 609 Earth Reflection (soft gold, bronze, golden pink, dark brown, and golden pearl)- Sephora shows Rosy Tan but actually Earth Reflection
    OR; 030 Incognito (matte beige, golden pearl, matte peach, taupe shimmer, and warm brown shimmer)
  • DIOR Show MAXIMIZER (for longer more full lashes)
  • DIOR Show Mascara black

Spring Makeup Trends 2011 Eye Makeup Steps

1. Creamy light brown or taupe from upper lash line, blended into brow bone.

2. Deeper brown or taupe in crease, in arch shape sweep back and forth (do not sweep all the way to inner corner).

eye liner technique diagram3. Angled eye liner brush, take deeper shade tightly under lower lash line. Smudge brush that lower lash line shadow.

4. Black pencil tightly along upper lash line, from 2/3 of the way to inner corner, extended out just beyond outer corner (short angled mini strokes between lashes work best.)  At outer corner, extend line a touch on a slightly upwards, diagnol line). Use angled brush to blend line to soften and smudge into lash line.

5. Carefull Curl lashes...gently squeeze once closer to base, and once closer to tips for a more natural round curl (not a 90 degree angle).

6. Prime Lashes for great volume and length.

7.  Several coats black mascara paying attention to gripping with want at base of lashes, jiggling wand to grab as many lashes as possible as you pull through tips.  Work the lashes with spoolie to break apart clumps and tangles so the lashes are parallel, long and tapered.   Wait a minute for top to dry before doing the lower lashes,  pinch off too much length on lower lashes.

8.  Clean eye area for speckles, smudges, shadow dust, for a clean polished eye and eye area.

Spring Makeup Trends 2011 FACE

For the face, Chloé updated a bronzer technique that creates a more sculpted, softer sun-kissed face. Using a large fluffy brush, sweep bronzer over the apples of the cheeks and up towards the temples with a touch on the forehead (according to makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury and reported by Angelique Serrano).  Highlight the cheekbones for full 3D effect. Again everything blended well for soft finish.

You can also 'bump up' Chloé's soft bronze sculpted finish  with more of as "post-vacation glow" (according to makeup artist Dick Page) as seen in the spring makeup of Michael Kors.  Do this by adding a natural 'flush' on the apples of the cheeks in earthy pink and a little more bronzer around the face.  You be the juge on the degree of "sun kissed"...but don't go overboard, you will kill the look...remember the technique is more about soft sculpting for three dimensional beauty, and the overall color of your face still needs to match the neck down.

Makeup to complete this look?

  • Guerlain Terracotta Light Sheer Bronzing Powder in Blonde (01) soft suntan tones or Brunette (02) bronze tones.
  • Guerlain Teracotta 4 Seasons
  • NARS Multipurpose Stick in Maui (earthy pink ) on apples of cheeks and along cheek bone
  • Nars Blush Orgasm(peach pink) or Dolce Vita(dusty rose)
Spring Makeup Trends 2011 LIPS

Lips To compliment the above spring makeup sculpted bronze beauty-

  • Chloé's combination with something pink like Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss Pink Beige
  • Gorgeous wet glossy look with Dior Addict Ultra Gloss in Twin Set Pink 157 (light peachy pink shimmer) or Beige Tweed 227 (pinky beige shimmer)
  • Bobbi Brown Lipstick Soft Coral

    If you are a fan of bright mouths, and bold enough to try this out, a bright coral or pink (Fendi) or red- orange mouth, will work well with the above neutral eyes, soft sun kissed skin and be part of the spring makeup trends for 2011.

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