Spring Makeup Trends

 'Life Imitating Art'"... Beautifully

New spring makeup trends, fresh off the runways... how exciting.  The artistry displayed in the shows, what goes on backstage, and in the coverage by the fashion and beauty media, is creative, exciting and inspiring.

There is only one little problem.  The designer looks on the runways sometimes can be a little hard to pull off in the real world, even by the most enthusiastic fashionista.

Oscar Wilde's view that we are all looking for ways to express ourselves, and imitating art through fashion allows us a beautiful form to do it...And clearly, the fashion media agree with that view evident in their excited reporting, season after season of shows and new looks.

However, even the most enthusiastic fashionistas will raise their eyebrow in wonder, some seasons more frequently others, as to what to take away from the 'new looks'.

So, these makeup trends reports are designed to help you navigate through the brilliant art, and enthusiastic fashion reporting, to find the key design elements that you can take away, so you can keep up with the cutting edge of fashion and beauty trends.


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