Steps To Great Makeup

Are there right steps to great makeup?

When you take steps to great makeup (and I think we all have the objective of 'great makeup' in mind when we start to put it on, it just doesn't always quite make 'great' status), yes, there are some key steps to take, that cross all beauty style boundaries. 

I think its fair to say that Minimalists, Divas, Goths, glamour girls, fashionistas, natural beauties, plain janes...whatever your style...all would include complexions with a CLEAN, FLAWLESS, FRESH, VIBRANT, NATURAL LOOKING FINISH MAKEUP as a feature of great makeup... In fact, I would go as far to say , its the key element to get right for the success of your look, no matter what your style.

Don't get me wrong, great lips and eye makeup are certainly important and set the tone to your style but your skin's appearance, makes or breaks the entire look. Ask any celebrity makeup artist what their first, and most important objective is when it comes to pleasing their clients... 'fabulous', radiant looking skin.  So let's get first things first.

Steps To Great Makeup Part I. -'First Things First' :

Step 1.  Hydrate Skin

Well hydrated/ moisturized skin is a good start to any makeup application (it improves application ease, blending ease and the overall finish).

An additional and optional step is the use of primer, which will create the 'perfect canvas' to build upon. (Those with concerns of skin texture and fine lines will definitely benefit from its use)

Step 2.  Apply Base With This Philosohy, 'Less is More'.

Even out skin tone with a tinted moisturizer or, as light as possible, foundation with special attention to the eye area, blending well so its presence is seamless and worked into your skin.

Concealer as needed, with particular attention to dark corners at the bridge of the nose,  under eye area, and eye lids.

LIGHT dust of translucent powder to cut shine on forehead, nose and chin PLUS provide good base for any eye color.

Your choice in tools will really make a difference particularly in this early phase of makeup that can be tricky, and requires the most precision ('flawless' takes a little bit of work).  Consider a foundation brush if using liquid format, wedge sponges for blending, a large fluffy dome shaped powder brush for the finish dusting of translucent powder.  These items will greatly improve the speed and ease of this application.

More tips on how to apply foundation makeup.

apple tip graphic'Off 'shades can be a critical mistake.

Avoid this blunder in your steps to great makeup by taking the time to investigate a good format for your skin type, and a perfect to near perfect match to your skin tone, when it comes to foundation, concealer, and powder.

Step 3.  Multi 'Veils' of Color

Well placed, well blended, transparent, and multiple veils of color  will work together to showcase a radiant beautiful complexion and create dimension.

(i)  Blush tone #1-Natural tone, something that resembles your natural flush or an earthy tone rose or plum, placed central cheek blending out along the cheek bone.

TRY powder- NARS Powder Blush in 'Dolce Vita' (dusty rose); cream- Stila Convertible Color For Lips and Cheeks, Peony; gel/stain - Tarte Cheek Stain 'Blushing Bride'

ii)  Blush tone #2- Vibrant punch of color concentrated at the apple of your cheeks (when you smile it is that mound of cheek that rises) in a shade of pink or coral (your choice), blended well.

TRY powder- NARS Powder Blush in 'Orgasm"  (peachy pink) ; cream- Stila Convertible Color For Lips and Cheeks, Petunia; gel/stain - Tarte Cheek Stain 'Doll Face'

(iii)  Blush tone #3- A deeper shade such as  a bronzer or a natural looking tone blush, a few shades deeper tone than your complexion.  Placed slightly under and along the cheek bone and the sides of the forehead and along the jaw can help create dimension.

TRY powder- Jane Iredale Purepressed Blush Cinnamon; cream- Stila Convertible Color For Lips and Cheeks, Camellia; gel/stain - Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Brush

apple tip graphic  For a sun kissed look... Place where the sun would naturally hit your face.  If using a powder bronzer (easiest method), take a large powder brush and sweep across the tops of your cheeks, a touch close to the end of your nose, a touch above the outer brows, a touch on the chin, and a TINY little bit under the chin. All of this placement will create a visual flow and a harmonious overall skin tone.
(Note: Summer is a little more forgiving with placement since you have likely picked up a little color from the sun already OR you may be using a self tanning lotion in this time frame bringing a natural overall warmth to your skin. Just don't over do it.)

apple tip graphic  Use a light hand... With all applications of color, use a light hand and add in small increments to achieve the degree of effect you wish.
(Think veils NOT layers in your steps to great makeup color. This will help keep the concept of sheer light weight color as you apply and give you radiant not clown.)

There are many great blush, bronzer and highlighter/shimmer products available (go to my Shortlist).  Once you have effectively prepped your skin with base/ foundation makeup products, the color finish style is really up to you.

Steps To Great Makeup Part II. - Eyes & Lips With Precision:

Your skin looks great, but now what? To keep your makeup application "great", continue with the end look in other words what is your plan? What is the look you are going for? If you don't get that clear you may end up applying too much and being unhappy with the results (not to mention spoing that gorgeous face).

Step 4.  Your Eyes-Great Eye Makeup Has A Game Plan

There are so many directions you can go with eye makeup, and likely you DO have something in mind. So get your GAME PLAN together...

  • determine the style
  • review the eye makeup application sequence in your mind
  • gather the tools and products you need
note graphic image
    By the way, good quality tools and products really can make a dramatic difference in your steps to great makeup.  You will find not only an ease and precision to your application, but also the finished results will have greater staying power.

apple tip graphic  Don't forget your've likely heard this one before "they frame your eyes"...well its very true (and good shape and presence can really make a big difference). Clean them up if you need to, get the stragglers, comb them into shape, or give them shape if yours are sparse.

Step 5.  Your Lips-Kissable

Perhaps a corny description in your steps to great makeup, HOWEVER, I think its fitting. Too much stuff on your lips can really become a gooey looking distraction. These measures fit this last step and still allow you to express your style, whether its a nude mouth, a bright mouth, or just lip balm.

  • Line your lips with a natural earthy shade (unless you have the perfect match to the color you plan to wear).
    When you line, try to stay as close to your natural lip line as possible.
  • Put on lip balm...this is a great primer for your lip makeup and keeps your lips soft.
  • Use a lip brush to work lip makeup into your lips.

apple tip graphic  For long lasting results...- If using lipstick, blot with a tissue after first application to get rid of excess product, then lightly dust with translucent powder.  Do a second application, and lightly blot and dust again.  Finish with a touch more lipstick or a gloss.

apple contour graphic imageLast word on steps to great makeup...

With a little time and practice, your makeup will get better and better, definitely on its way to GREAT! Don't forget the finishing touches. Check for blending, use a Qtip to gather mascara flakes or eye shadow dust.

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