Summer Fragrances

Fragrances Guaranteed To Captivate

Summer fragrances  should invite one's senses to run wild (or at least get them jogging:-).

Thoughts of the summertime likely hold many great memories for you; sunshine, beach, sand, decks, fun, romance, B.B.Q.s, ripe fresh fruits and veggies, gardens, water, grass, trees, flowers...

All of these thoughts have powerful visuals, but possibly even more so, powerful scents attached to them; fresh flowers, grass after the rain, a bowl of strawberries, fresh cut lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit, the smell of roses,  the ocean , sand etc. All triggers to very pleasant fragrant experiences.

The fragrance you wear, has that kind of power.

In fact, your choice could be the highest impact beauty measure  you make. The summer time is a particularly powerful season for scents because when things get warm, there is a much greater power to the delivery of scents to our noses.

What summer fragrances do you think expresses your summertime mood?

Five Summer Fragrances Designed To Delight

Here are five brilliant summer fragrances that capture my imagination this season  (and have been brought to my attention by beauty editors and magazine ads), as well as my olfactory senses.   As you will read, fragrances have a lot going on in their blends so they can bridge two categories or more.  The summer fragrances I have listed  below attempt to cover the entire range that our collective noses like.

Fragrance Terms Mini Guide:

  • The five main classifications of scents are Floral, Oriental, Woody, Aromatic Fougère, and Fresh (Fragrance Wheel 1983).
  • When describing a fragrance, the term 'note' is used to reference the group that scent is from. 
  • Within each group are fragrance families; Oriental can be further divided in to families Floral Orientals, Soft Orientals, true Orientals, and Woody Orientals
  • And, since fragrances  mostly have multiple notes, there is a sequence in the experience of a scent;
    • Top notes are the most immediate, and your first impression,
    • Middle notes or heart notes follow just as your first impression of the scent starts to fade, and also act to cover the less appealing immediate scent of the base notes (which will improve over time to their ideal).
    • Base notes arrive as the middle fragrance notes start to go.
  • The base combined with the middle fragrance notes create the main theme of the perfume. The 'depth' of the base notes are not fully experienced until 30 minutes after the application.

summer fragrance note graphicIf you would like to know more about perfume, the above information is based on a good wikipedia article on Perfume.


Stella Eau de Parfume Spray - FLORAL

Stella Eau de Parfum Spray photoThis fragrance style is described as 'feminine', 'intense' and 'sensual'.

The top notes are essence of rose, peony and a touch of mandarin, the mid notes or heart notes are purely rose, and the base note is amber (oriental).

This gorgeous fragrance, perfect for the summer, has over one thousand stellar (sorry, I couldn't resist :-) interesting reviews at Sephora with an overwhelming enthusiastic five stars out of five!

Stella Eau de Parfum Spray (shown) 1.6 oz  for $72.00 (also avail in a .33 oz Rollerball, 1 oz, and 3.3 oz format) at Sephora .

note about Stella Limited edition summer fragranceI can't wait! New Summer Fragrance 2012—from Stella McCartney’s limited-edition Stella Summer Rose with top notes lemon and green apple, heart notes rose, and base amber (oriental) available in June at Sephora  (according to Vogue Daily Fresh Picks: Summer's Chicest Fragrances by Ana Dragovic).


Burberry Brit Summer - ORIENTAL

Brit summer spray photo

As mentioned, fragrances can have a lot going on and here is a great example. 

Top notes include green almond, crisp pear, Japanese green tea and Italian lime.  The mid notes or heart include sugared almond, white peony, with a 'subtle, floral accent and the base is a soft mahogany wood, amber and white musk.

This too was one of Vogue Daily's Chicest Summer Fragrances.  According to Sephora, the fragrance style is Fresh, Playful and Sweet.  Although the reviews are limited due to it's newness, they have been very good.  If you are curious you can find some reviews, as well as the  product, at Sephora.

The price is $62.00 for 3.3 oz.


Balenciaga L'essence Eau de Parfum Spray - WOODY

Balenciaga L'Essence photo This category is often dominated by men's fragrances because of it's strength, with a few exceptions.  Here is one, new this summer. 

It is described as modern, intimate and strong with top notes of violet leaves, followed by vetiver (grass native to India) and sophisticated woody base notes.

The scent is described by Balenciaga Paris as "impulsive", "unambiguous", "pure as the searing honesty of short-lived flowers."

A few size formats are available including 1oz for $70.00 at Sephora.


D&G 6 L'Amoureux Eau de Toilette Spray- AROMATIC FOUGÉRE

D&G L'Amoureux Classic fougère fragrances have a formulation that begins with lavender or, sometimes, bergamot, and base notes of oakmoss or coumarin.  For this reason it is dominated by mens fragrances.

However, there are a growing number of exceptions with the newer stylings of modern aromatic fougère.  These fragrances  can include a citrus, a herb, green and animalic notes. ( Fougère, Wikipedia).

New on the scene this summer 2012

The top notes are a blend of bergamot, juniper berry and pink pepper.  The heart or mid notes cardamom, birch leaf and oris root, and the base notes are musk and woods.

This is one of a few adventurous, edgy, perfect for summer fragrances by D&G, and can be found at Sephora in a single 3.3 oz size format, for $85.00.


Joe Malone London Plum Blossom Cologne Limited Edition-FRESH

The top notes are fruit fresh yellow plum, the mid notes or heart notes are plum blossom and the base notes are sandalwood and clean, white musk.

This intriguing fragrance was listed in Vogue's Fresh Picks: Summer's Chicest Fragrances by Ana Dragovic. 

With a little digging I am confident that, should this limited edition disappear to fast, you will find something else by Joe Malone as he has a full line up of delicious, dreamy summer fragrances and more.  You can even make your own signature fragrance.

You can find Jo Malone London at Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom's, 1 oz  (30 ml) $55.00.

A Natural Alternative?

Lavanila Laboratories Vanilla Summer Eau de Parfum Spray

lavanila  vanilla summer photoLavanila Laboratories prides itself in the art of perfumery with a modern 'good for you'  compositions of pure essential oils and 100% active botanicals. 

This new limited edition is a blend of fresh mango, juicy pineapple, creamy coconut milk, island sugar cane with base notes of warm Madagascar vanilla.

Read the reviews to get a sense of the experiences so far but they have exceptional with the average rating (Sephora's method) of 4.5 out of 5 star) and wonderful "beachy" is a common comment..

You can buy it at Sephora in a rollerball .32 oz $19.00 or 1.7 oz $58.00

Last word on summer fragrances...

It is important to remember, some ingredients, natural or not, will react to UV light.  Skin rashes and hyper pigmentation can be a result.  So, when it comes to summer fragrances during the daytime, it is a good idea to place the fragrance in a zone without direct exposure, or avoid it altogether if you know you are going to some place like the beach.  

Summer evenings?  That's a different story.

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