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Fresh Face Gorgeous (Fuss-Free)

Summer makeup style need to be fuss free. Really! There is so much to do and enjoy while the warm, sunny conditions are around, you don't want to have a high maintenance beauty style to deal with (or look like you do for that matter).

So, if your summer makeup style can be easy and still meet these four main objectives; light weight, fresh, radiant but still maintain  'put together' style, that  would be perfect.

There is also some serious function to this approach to summer makeup. Light weight, sheer colors will not only look more radiant in the unforgiving conditions of bright sunlight, they will wear better in the heat.

Below you will find a summer makeup style that will function beautifully. Whether you are heading to work or heading to the beach, this style works. It also happens to be one of the hottest looks in fashion this year.


There are certain summer makeup products that always seem to be on trend. The most popular, trending brands may change, but the jist of the products tends to always stay the same. Here is my 'shortlist' of best summer makeup.

Fragrance is a powerfully potent expression. What type of summer fragrance suits you?

photo of natural summer makeup

photo of natural summer makeup styleImages: ©

Fresh Faced Polished Summer Makeup Style For Beach Or Office

Here is a step-by-step guide to this easy, breezy summer makeup style (Plus the products I used, to do it).

BONUS! It's super easy to transition this look from day to night.

1photo of natural summer makeup


On hydrated skin apply the most sheer foundation that you can get away with. Summer makeup style really is mostly about fresh looking skin.

Smashbox Sheer Focus Tinted Moisturizer offers sheer coverage benefits plus an SPF 15. ('1.' in photo).  I use this product in a universally flattering shade called Luminous because I like the anti aging, light reflecting properties that give my skin a more radiant look.  It also comes in Fair, Light, and Dark skin tones. Smashbox Sheer Focus Tinted Moisturizer, Luminous

Have You Used A Sunless Tanner?

Your summer makeup style can get a big boost with the help of a tanner or bronzer.  With a deeper more even skin tone, you may find you only need to use concealer to address dark circles and blemishes.  If so, I would strong suggest using a primer.  A primer can take the place of a base for creating a perfect canvas for other makeup, matify your skin (eliminate shine), and minimize the appearance of pores.  It will also not interfere with the color produced by the sunless tanner.


The concealer I used on the model's face was MAC Studio Concealer Pot.  It's opaque, more thick paste consistency will stand up and stay put when dealing with heat. I used a concealer brush to cover dark circles and the odd blemish (allowing for the greatest degree of precision).

apple tips iconAvoid the finger tip dilemma when applying concealer by using a concealer brush.  For every dab of cover on a blemish using your finger tip, you will pick up your coverage on the next dab to blend it.


To set the makeup and reduce shine for this look,  I very lightly dusted sheer loose powder by Lancome in buff, using a big fluffy dome powder brush. That dewy radiant glow we all want in our summer makeup style ideal can be easily sabotaged with just a touch too much powder.



photo of eyeshadowsFor this look I used the deep gold shade (medium) with a sheer sweep from lash line to just below brow bone, applied with and blended with a medium head eyeshadow brush (my trusty MAC brush has lasted a very long time).

Not only is it a great compliment to the model's blue eyes, it will boost the warm radiance of her complexion.

I used this same deep gold shade directly under the lash line, applied with another great MAC brush called the Angled Eyeliner Brush.  As you can see, the color and slight shimmer really brighten the model's eyes.

On the eye lids I used Clarins Palette Of Four Enchanted.

A palette with a mix of earthy metallics and mattes is always a great idea. Consider this amazing option Urban Decay Naked . There are also Drugstore brand like L'oreal that create decent quality eye shadows. (4. in image above)



DAY TIME - Instead of a pencil liner, I used the 'liner' shade provided with the Clarins Enchanted Palette, in a deep brown, to create softer definition at the upper lash line.  This was placed at the outer third sweeping tightly along the lash line and slightly beyond the outer corner.

cat eye liner diagramNIGHT TIME - ADD A LITTLE DRAMA

Black eyeliner can really 'dial up' this low key pretty summer makeup style into a 'purr-fect' night time look with minimal extra effort. Take a true black eye pencil like MAC Feline, a liquid liner or a gel liner (whatever you are most comfortable with), and pair this summer makeup style eyeshadow  with a cat's eyeliner style for evening.

The trick to the 'Cat Eye' lining style is the change from very thin precise lining tight to the lash line, to one that gradually thickens as you approach the outer corner.

Add a little champagne shimmer to your brow bone and inner corner of the eye in a shade like the one you see in the above Enchanted palette 'light'.

More tips on eye liner products, styles and strategies.



Even with a summer makeup style that is low key, you can not pass up the incredible eye opening benefits of a good eyelash curler. Shu Uemura makes one of, if not, the best eyelash curlers if you are looking for the very best. I personally have not gone with it yet, and use Tweezerman's classic metal eyelash curler TweezermanProCurl Eyelash Curler Rose Gold




After removing the wand for the mascara tube, hold it in a horizontal position and 'touch' the tips first.  This is to help maximize the length of as many of your lashes as possible.  Continuing to work quickly, place the brush head at the base of the upper lashes, wiggle the wand to 'grip' the lashes and then zig-zag wiggle all the way up through the tips.  Dip into tube for a second time and repeat.

apple tip graphicWork your lashes with the wand as you apply.  They are most malleable at this phase and easiest to place, separate etc. since they are not completely dry. I use a clean old mascara spoolie to work lashes between coats.


Remove from tube and dab off excess mascara on a tissue.  Holding the wand in a vertical position place mascara strategically across your lower lashes, with symmetry to both eyes.  If your lashes appear too long, you can 'pinch' off the ends with your thumb and forefinger.

apple tip graphicIf you are dealing with humidity and heat, consider a waterproof mascara on your lower lashes.  This will stop the smudging under your eyes (make sure you remove with appropriate waterproof eye makeup formulation to avoid extreme wear and tear on your delicate eyes and lashes).

Looking for mascara? I happened to use Benefit Cosmetics BADgal Lash Mascara in this application, but any lengthening mascara that you have been satisfied with, should do the trick. Need one? Consider these suggestions.



I used two shades of blush.  The aim was simple radiant color (we weren't going for full on sun-kissed, although it's a great option).

photo of nars blushThe first shade was a matte medium beige by NARS called Zen. Using a dome head blush brush, I started central cheek (under outer half of eye) and swept outward along cheek, and then I went over the path without any new blush, and blended downward in small strokes.

I also  swept each side of the forehead in a diagonal path, as well as the mid top of the nose, and  under the chin.  All extra placements were very soft with the objective of achieving a visual color flow.

The second shade was a creme earthy rose colored blush (MAC Creme Blush in Ladyblush). Using my index and ring finger I placed and blended this shade starting central to the apple of the cheek, and blending outward in a radial pattern.

As you can see above, the shades are universally flattering including very fair skin. Again, for the purpose of visual color flow on the face, I placed and blended a tiny amount on the central forehead and the chin.

More tips on how to apply blush and choosing products.



photo of lipstick

The lip makeup was again simple.  I lined the lips using a MAC Lip Pencil in an earthy nude brown called Oak. I then took a lipstick brush, softened the line by going over it.  This was followed by an application of a matte pink shade called Pink Plaid, made by MAC ('7.' in products photo above).  The final touch was a clear gloss.


Clear gloss over lipstick can be replaced with shimmer.  Daring and a perfect compliment to the cats eyeliner style would be a bold bright gloss like Dior Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Outrageous Fuchsia

I have also include in the top products photo two alternative ideas for natural, fresh looking lips; '8.' is a sheer lip color called Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm Graped Up and '9.' drugstore brand L'Oreal Colour Riche Le Balm, Pink Satin, very low key color.  I use and recommend both products if you prefer less dramatic lip finishes (I do for low key outside events).

note graphicLooking for other great makeup product suggestions? Check out my personal short list on great makeup.

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#2- OUTSTANDING MASCARA : Tried, tested and true...AND STILL MY FAVORITE! Lancome DEFINICILS - High Definition Mascara Deep Black. (*Also in a waterproof formulation for warm weather events)., Inc.

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