Smart Sun Protection

Eight Sun Care Tips You Don't Want To Miss

Sun care is really about sun protection...

That doesn't mean hide from it.  Get out and enjoy the sun (it has many health benefits too)! Just remember to be proactive in protecting yourself from its dangerous nature. 

Not only is it common sense to protect your health, it is also the best anti-aging skin care measure you could possibly take...whether you are fourteen or forty.

So, what do you need to know?

Here are eight KEY Sun Smart TIPS that address both issues of health and beauty and get you on your way to smart sun care.

Sun Care Tip

#1Over exposure to ultraviolet light is the cause of skin cell structural breakdown, and other physical deterioration.

When skin is exposed to the sun's ultraviolet rays, both UVA and UVB rays stimulate melanin production which results in the "tan" we see. What we don't see is the increased activity of free radicals which breakdown the internal building blocks of the skin and the deeper down demise of collagen, the connective tissue of our skin responsible for maintaining support and elasticity.

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Sun Care Tip

#2 Wear a broad spectrum sunscreen for effective protection against all UV rays.

Research indicates that UVA rays are responsible for skin cancer and visible sun damage like skin breakdown, wrinkling and pigmentation problems. Whereas, UVB rays are behind sunburns.

photo of couple at the beachSun protection includes the application of proper SPF Broad Spectrum sunscreen or sunblock (shielding both UVA and UVB rays), wearing protective clothing, and UVA/UVB lens filter sunglasses.

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Sun Care Tip

#3Make sure your broad spectrum sunscreen has these proven ingredients.

*These ingredients are proven to cover the full UVA/ UVB spectrum (not just part of a ray spectrum).

  • AVOBENZONE (Parsol 1789) which is a chemical sunblock (absorbs ultra violet rays).
  • MEXORYL SX and TINOSORB  S NEW!, effective chemical agents that provide full spectrum coverage of UVA plus other benefits including photo stability.
  • TITANIUM DIOXIDE, ZINC OXIDE which are physical sunblocks (reflect ultra violet rays).

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Sun Care Tip

#4 SPF or Sun Protection Factor, indicates protection from sunburn or UVB rays.

This tip is reinforcing the important choice of a broad spectrum sunscreen, so ensure your sunscreen also protects you from UVA.

Important Guide To SPF And Other Key Sun Protection Terms - Understanding SPF and other important sun protection terms are key to making effective sun protection choices.

Sun Care Tip

#5 Doubling your sun protection factor, does NOT double your protection from the sun.

With regards to SPF number, 15 provides about a 94 % shield from the sun's UVB rays. To double the SPF doesn't double your protection. In fact, an SPF of 30 only increases your shield to approximately 97 %. From there, higher SPFs provide only tiny percentile increases in protection, but you do start to build on the number of ingredients which can possibly irritate your skin.

Sun Care Tip

#6 The American Academy of Dermatology says regular use of sunscreen before the age of 18 is very significant to lowering chance of skin cancer;

It is estimated that by the time we reach about 18 years of age we will have received 80% of our lifetime's sun exposure. Research is showing us that if we wear sunscreen with an SPF of 15 regularly prior to the age of 18, the risk of "certain skin cancers" will be reduced by 78%.

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Sun Care Tip

#7 Sun protection goes beyond the use of sunscreen, and into the realm of good sun sense.

Beyond the regular use of a proper SPF broad spectrum (shielding both UVA and UVB rays) sunscreen or sunblock. Proper sun protection also includes wearing protective clothing, UVA/UVB lens filter sunglasses and limiting direct sun exposure during its peak daytime hours (10am to 4 pm).

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Sun Care Tip

#8The only "safe" tan is a fake tan.

Since the change in skin color we call a tan, is actually a reflection of sun damage, there really is no safely acquired tan...unless you use sunless tanning lotions. There are some fantastic formulations that effectively produce the look of a real tan.

Sunless Tanning Lotions for Safe Sun Kissed Beauty - Sunless tanning lotions are the best way to get that sun kissed look... Get great applications tips and recommended products.

Last word on sun protection?

Use some common sense....we'll call it sun sense; avoid peak hours, wear a good quality sunscreen with a moderate SPF number like 15 or 30, and great quality ingredients that provide broad spectrum protection, and then get outside and play.

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