Sunglasses Buying Tips

Looking Good (And Being Sun Safe)

It is important to realize when choosing sunglasses, that the primary objective is proper sun protection for your eyes.

Features such as broad spectrum protection, lens color, frame shape and fit are all important to properly benefiting from their protection. Also, you can determine whether you could benefit from lenses.

Your eyes NEED protection from ultra violet light. There are damage risks for eyes such as cataracts, degeneration of the retina, and even sunburn. The eye area skin is exceptionally delicate and can also suffer burn and irritation.

Protect Your Kids' eyes too...Even more vulnerable than adult eyes, are children's eyes. *Children up to fourteen years of age, are three times as vulnerable to UV ray damage. Make sure they have proper sun protection daily, including sunglasses.

* In addition, a minimum SPF 15, long sleeves and a wide brimmed hat, are a recommended sun protection by the American Dermatology Association.

Here are some must know tips on choosing sunglasses:

There are a number of specific sun protection features to maximize your eyes' protection.

According to the American Optometry Association, sunglasses need to:

photo of sunglasses with tips1. Block out 99-100 percent of UVA/ UVB radiation. Tip- Look for label identifying UV protection.

2. Screen out *75-90 percent of visible light (*fashion tinted lenses usually do not meet this level).

3.Be perfectly matched in color and free of distortion and imperfection. Tip- Test lenses for distortion/ imperfections by viewing a straight edge at arms length. You should continue to see a straight edge without any curve or distortion.

4. Have lenses that are gray, green, or brown (gray is recommended).

Lenses in gray, green, and brown will cut the glare without trading off good vision.

apple graphicSunglasses should also cover the eye area.

photo wearingoakley sunglassesEven better, they should wrap around the eye area and hug the face, preventing UV light from entering the eye area from above, beside, and below.

My personal favorite sunglasses are made by Oakley.  With my lifestyle, they have out performed everything else. This awesome brand knows how to make glasses.  They cover and protect the eye area well with their wrap around frame style and top quality lens.  They are light weight, hug the face and stay in place when you're on the move. Because the frame style wraps around your eye area, you do not get glare cutting in from the top, sides or bottom. 

photo of wearing oakley sunglassesIn addition, I have experienced excellent customer service over the years (I have managed to hold on to my original pair since 1996...and I have added new styles to my collection. Photos to right are of me wearing my Oakleys, playing with my sons.)

Here is more about the technology behind Oakley Lenses:

Oakley lense technology quote as graphic image

These days women's Oakleys include styles to suit every personality, from sporty to fashionista.

note graphicUnabashed Oakley Plug;) No links, just love the brand.

Do you need polarized sunglasses (and what are they anyway)?

Polarized sunglasses dramatically cut glare. They have lenses with vertically oriented polarizers that act to cut the horizontally polarized glare that comes off long, flat reflective surfaces i.e.. water, road, car hood. (resource

If you are someone who could really benefit from wearing a polarized pair, you spend a lot of time on the water, on the road etc., seriously consider purchasing them. They can really make all the difference.

If you love look of designer glasses, there are many very stylish yet protectively sound, high quality sunglasses.  Even better when you can get a huge price break. Check out discount designer sunglasses merchants on line. Once you do a search, you will be able to sort out your budget's options.

If you aren't interested in designer eye wear for reasons such as high personal incidence of misplacement (ie. you lose and replace your glasses regularly)... and therefore, more money than you want to spend monthly, consider an inexpensive option with good UVA/UVB protection.

sun with sunglasses graphicDon't forget, sun protection includes the application of proper SPF broad spectrum sunscreen (shielding both UVA and UVB rays), PLUS wearing protective clothing, AND UVA/UVB lens filter sunglasses.

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