Sunless Tanning Lotions

The Art Of Believable Color

Sunless tanning lotions all use this active ingredient to change skin color, dihydroxyacetone (DHA)...The difference from product to product is the concentration level which will determine the rate at which the skin will tan, as well as the amount of color achieved. In addition, although DHA is the common ingredient, don't expect all sunless tanners to have skin friendly formulations.

A Great Sunless Tanning Lotion Application Strategy Is The Key ...

For a great looking faux tan or sun kissed style, your strategy in addition to good product choice, are the key factors.  Application is the tricky part and it is probably wise to do a test patch to determine how much color is generated on your skin tone. From their you can fine tune the quantity and game plan.... Most products will provide guideline information for a successful experience with their product, but generally here are some tips.

Ideally, a sunless tanning lotion application...

  • Needs a system of application that is effective and easy to recall so zones aren't missed or overdone.
  • To the entire body should be done with gloves to avoid hand staining, otherwise wash hands well after a quick application.
  • Needs a sufficient time frame for thorough application and drying time to avoid transfer of color onto clothing etc..
  • Should be following cleansing and exfoliating the skin on perfectly dry skin.
  • Uses small amounts a time, spread thinly and evenly over the skin.
  • Works best when applied to a smooth surface, so it is suggested that if your skin is dry, to use a tiny amount of light weight moisturizer.
    *Avoid multi purpose moisturizers since ingredients for chemical exfoliation or sunscreen can impact the active ingredient in the self tanner.
  • Should pay special attention to body parts with a crease factor to ensure the tanner is spread well and not collecting in those zones ie. knees, elbows, wrists, fingers, neck etc.
  • Maintenance is dependent on the effect being pursued. For a darker look, it is better to do several applications till the desired look is achieve.
  • There are many brands of sunless tanning lotions on the market in all price ranges. Generally, most will have similar formulations using DHA, but will be geared toward skin tone effect i.e.. light, medium or dark as well as varying formulations for different skin type needs (i.e. dry skin formulation would likely be crème).

Here are some product suggestions:


If your skin is fair, consider a self- tanning creme or sunless tanning lotion like Fake Bake Gradual Self Tanning Lotion Fair Skin.


If your skin is medium, consider a self tanning lotion or gel, in this case, like Clarins Self Tanning Instant Gel for face and body - Clarins is considered TO BE A LEADER IN THE of the best for natural looking color.  The self tanning instant gel has one multiple awards including, Allure Reader's Choice Beauty Award, 'In Style' Best Beauty Buy, Glamour Magazine Glammy Beauty Award.


If your skin is dark,  and you want a deep tan tone, consider a self- tanning creme or lotion like Sun Laboratories Ultra Dark OR for the deepest tone, Dark Sunsation.

*Fake Bake is a new and highly acclaimed sunless tanning lotions product.  They have an extensive, well reviewed line up of specialty, salon quality, self tanning lotions, body polishes, oils, application accessories, bronzer makeup, and lip gloss.

Alternatives to Sunless Tanning Lotions:

Makeup Bronzers:

  • Guerlain Terracotta Light Sheer Bronzing Powder (from award winning prestige brand)
  • Jane Iredale Bronzer
  • NARS The Multiple Multi-Purpose Stick, Palm Beach (cream-to-powder)

Spray Tan:

Considering A Spray Tan? Don't Miss This Great Information! Everything you need to know about spray tan technology...


Anti Aging GLOW PADS by Dr. Dennis Gross

Easy to use pre soaked pad that exfoliates, has active Vitamin D, Microencapsulated DHA to create believable natural color, Soy Proteins to deliver deep lasting color (not subject to surface exfoliation) and a whole lot more to provide healthy radiant looking skin.

Don't forget about sun care....

Protection of the skin from sun exposure is required for all races of people. Yes all. Sun exposure is the primary culprit behind aging skin , wrinkles, pigmentation problems, and most definitely skin cancer (and these negative effects occur in varying degrees depending on your skin color).  Ensure your choices are effective and provide the sun care and safety combination, they should.

sun tip graphic imageSunscreen is the only product that can truthfully claim to prevent aging and wrinkles and it should be part of everyone's' morning skin care program.

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