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How To Get Upscale Gorgeous With Style & Grace

Royal Wedding Style For The 21st Century

Let's see, a horse drawn carriage to Buckingham Palace, the Archbishop of Canterbury, 1000 year old Westminster Abbey, 1000 British military personnel, The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh, a  handful of princes and princesses, complete with one 'common' girl.  Sounds like the makings of a fairy tale wedding... wait a minute, it is!

Prince William and Kate, soon to be the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, will tie the knot in the grandest style available April 29th, 2011, with the pomp and pageantry (and paparazzi) only the British can deliver.

The guest list for the service is said to be about 1900 and has been reported to include royalty from around the world,  rich and famous (of coarse), as well as, the lucky 'commoners' connected to William, Kate, and Kate's family.  The Sultan of Brunei, Sir Richard Branson and family, Sir Elton John, Prince Albert of Monaco and financĂ© Charlene Wittstock, The Beckhams, to name a few who will be in attendance.

The guest list will be paired down for the Queen's reception at Buckingham Palace, and reduced to an intimate 300 for the Prince's dinner and dance.

royal palace in london

I couldn't help but imagine myself on the guest list and wonder what I would wear ( and of coarse, how I would do my hair and makeup).

What wedding style does one go with for royal affairs?


In fact, this is a fool proof approach to style for all your Grand Events.

Getting Your Upscale Wedding Style Right ...

Wedding style that is GRACEFUL, CHIC AND GORGEOUS are not just fluffy descriptives of a single style...they achieve these three objectives that will result in fool proof personal style, no matter your style.  The kind of style you will not regret the day after or in photos ten years from now.

  1. Tasteful- style choices and palette, dressed up, classic, chic, and current but void of extreme trends- arrow graphicGRACE
  2. Polished- an ensemble of fashion, accessories, makeup, hair, jewellery that has been thoughtfully put together and styled with some finesse - arrow graphic CHIC
  3. Pretty- flattering makeup, hair and fashion that suits you and makes you feel and look your best - arrow graphic GORGEOUS

So, where does one  begin to assemble this fool proof  ensemble?


Food for thought' wedding style ideas can be found at a few of the fashion magazine web sites, where they post photos from galas and other special events; 'Parties",  under  "Style" , under "Celebrities And Parties" .

As you view photos of all sorts of VIP, celebs, and others, you will able to quickly discern the more classic styling from the extremes, and stick to upscale events.  Note the combinations; hairstyles and necklines, hairstyles and earrings, necklines and jewellery, dress color and fabric with choice in accessory colors and fabrics, including footwear...all of this should bring you up to speed with current looks and how accessory elements and outfit are pieced together.

While your at it, if designers are noted in the text descriptions, jot down the ones you like.  You can visit their websites to see their opinion of the ideal pairings of accessories with their designs.

Once you have a pretty good idea of what the dress will be like its time to shop.  Your budget will take over at this point. 


If style choice and accessory pairings are still a puzzle, a great resource for on line one stop shopping and helpful fashion tips, is  Find a dress you like, click on it for details and price, and they add suggestions for accessories and more.  Very handy. 

If you can work that net-a-porter purchase into your budget, great.  If the price points are out of your budget... the next stop is  You may not get your first choice in dress, but you can get a close second choice designer dress plus accessories here....and yes, as the name suggests, at a fraction of the price.  You can also take the styling ideas from Net-A-Porter and sub in jewellery and accessories from FractionPrice.

A Sample Of A Mapped Out Plan :

Now, if I could choose without financial constraints, I would head to and select the below outfit from the ease of my own home (and the excellent, helpful suggestions from it's pages). It is pricey $$$$ though.

  • Dress- SIMPLE but CHIC- Day time-1st Choice- GUCCI-Open-back silk-crepe dress in eggshell (classic shift style from front with modern open back) or perhaps one of Victoria Beckham's Shifts.  Add a matching elegant, simple fitted jacket.  Evening-A gown by Alexander McQueen or Lanvin perhaps?
  • Accessories - PREMIUM quality (and a little punch of personality and FLARE).
    Shoes - I like the shoes net-a-porter suggests, Jimmy Choo Private patent-leather sandals in nude, however, as gorgeous as they are, they are five inches (with a touch of a platform)...I think I will need a back up plan. Perhaps, Jimmy Choo Lizzy patent-leather pumps, nude ( mid heel of 2.5 inches).
    Bag -I like Marc Jacobs JJ patent-leather corsage clutch in ivory or Jimmy Choo Tube glitter-twill clutch in bronze.
  • Jewellery- as my mother likes to say, NOTABLE & ELEGANT (that doesn't mean big or over the top, it means well chosen pieces-and expensive looking doesn't hurt). I like the suggested necklace piece Oscar De La Renta's 24-karat gold-plated disc necklace although it might be a little big.  I'll have to give that a little more thought.  For the wrist, a Roberto Cavalli Gold-plated jasper cuff.  Earrings, if I skip the necklace, Rosantica Grappolo cascade earrings AND if I don't, Ileana Makri Little Ball 18-karat rose gold diamond stud earrings.
  • Hat- This event is in England SO "when in Rome..." Something MODERN, STYLISH with a touch of playfulness.
  • Hair & Makeup- GORGEOUS with GRACE... What does that mean? Your most flattering style, radiant skin, without being over done or garish (today is not the day to experiment with trends).   Looking for a "fool proof" gorgeous makeup style?

apple graphicLast word on wedding style?  Upscale does not mean uptight.  To have style with grace at a very upscale event does not mean boring or pretentious choices...we have all seen a lot of expensive pieces put together without style or grace (by those that have significant means).  The real key is finessing right pieces into a gorgeous customized style on you, and then hold your head up and smile.

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